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What to expect during your first visit to a hearing care professional 

It is an easy and pain-free process that can improve your quality of life.
The visit to the audiologist will provide you with insights into your individual hearing needs. You will discover the recommended solutions, tailored for your hearing.

Hearing care professional explaining the human ear


In the clinic you will meet one of our licensed hearing care professionals. Expect the audiologist to spend some time getting to know you and understanding your lifestyle. 

It is helpful for the clinician if you describe how you have been experiencing hearing and explore the possible issues that may be affecting your day-to-day life and interactions with the dear ones together. 

You can always bring a spouse, family member, or friend to your visit. This way you will feel more comfortable and supported during the process.  


Your hearing care professional will assess your hearing and provide suggestions and recommendations during the consultation. 

Hearing sensitivity is evaluated by taking exact measurements of how well you hear various levels of sound and conversations. This helps your clinician understand your needs and provide you the best recommendations. 

The process is quick and simple. The tests are conducted in a sound-controlled environment, such as a sound booth or a quiet room, for maximum accuracy. You only need to listen and answer a few of questions. 

Woman doing a professional hearing test
Hearing care professional talking to a patient


If you need hearing aids, you will learn which options are best suited for you, considering your hearing needs, lifestyle, and budget. Come and discover for yourself how technology has evolved and how discreet and small Widex hearing aids are. You can try them on directly in the clinic or take them for a trial at home. 

Today more and more people are choosing to get their hearing tested and to wear hearing aids. You can also enjoy the benefits of improved hearing: an improved quality of life and improved communication and social interactions.  

Still having doubts about booking an appointment with a hearing care professional?

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